Friday, November 4, 2011

So I haven't updated in a couple months or something......

That's cuz I've been BUSY yo!!

Nolan is just about 6 months old-and cute as hell!! I can't believe that half a year (read that again and let it sink in...) HALF OF A YEAR has passed. That's insane. Nolan is doing really good! He's been a little crabby the past week because of teething. He has two cute little teeth at the moment. He's rolling, sitting up, eating baby food-and just yesterday he started He's also working on crawling. He's a little frustrated with that.  Here are some recent pictures of him!

In other awesome news-I have an AMAZING new job. It's full time. It's pretty good money. I'm an MA at a doctor's office. It combines all the things I love, plus the hours are great and I get to work with one of my best friends. So I guess you could say that stuff is going pretty good right now.

What else? The new Twilight movie comes out in 2 weeks. Shut up...I love it! I desperately need a girls night out and copious amounts of alcohol. Right now I'm LOVING the following songs: "Paradise" by Coldplay, "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars (not just because it's from the new Twilight's just awesome) and this time of year I'm always really diggin "Down" by Something Corporate. If you haven't heard the songs I just mentioned, do yourself a favor and check them out. I promise you will like them.

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